27 05 2010

Welcome Welcome Welcome.

This blog was created to highlight the whats what and reviews of the Alabang Scene, from the culture, the community, events, social clubs,  Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Salons, Spas, Shopping, and everything else.

INFACT if you have anything you want reviewed just ask me, the only catch is it has to be in the Alabang Area.

I’m a Eurasian who moved to the Philippines last November 2009, I was raised all over the world but spent a huge chunk of my life in the UK, Prior to me moving to the Philippines i lived in SUNNY AUSTRALIA.

I tend to see things in a different light as I have been told, I like trying new things and try my best to give my honest opinion. I NEVER SUGAR COAT anything. I have been accused of being blunt and rude when asked for my opinion, but at the end of the day the honest answer is always the best.

So I apologies in advance if I write something about your business which you take offence to, but hey the truth does hurt.

So I hope you enjoy reading snippets of my daily rantings.


T.D. Johnston